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  2 months ago

No editing, redo or undo

Why do you think our Toluna Community don't have the tool in editing. to redo or undo in our created and posted topic(s)?

Love to hear from you. Thank you so much in advance.


  2 months ago
Yes and it had always been our practice to proof read first before posting since it will never be edited afterwards. And you might had observed that Toluna had also removed the dislike sign and had retained the like sign. Probably to encourage more readers to also participate if they found the topics discussed very informative and helpful. Reply


  2 months ago
Agree with Sarahgee, for authenticity purposes. This is also the reason why Toluna is unmindful if the grammar is wrong or barok, as long as the thought of the topic can be clearly conveyed. Agree also with SweetBeans, each one of us have our own style of writing that is uniquely ours, hence those multiple account users can be easily traced. Anyway, I always make a draft first of my topic in MSWord, edit from there before pasting it here in Toluna but I admit, there are times na pagkapost ko, saka ko lang mapapansin na may mali pala, so I just post an erratum if the mistake is vital, but if not, I just leave it there. Reply


  2 months ago
Do it right the first time ! is the golden rule. Reply


  2 months ago
Before I used to be confused then later I found out that there's no editing options. Everytime I create a topic I always proofread to polish errors in grammar or mistyping letters or words. It was a great challenge also for non-editing article or topic we create. Reply


  2 months ago
Hi gabulenevron! Maybe Toluna wants its member's authenticity and accountability in posting contents. I noticed this too and wondered. But no major issue for me. Reply


  2 months ago
Had those questions when I was a newbie but later on it made sense when multiple accounts were made known. They won't be able to escape and the content or comments they made will be the proof we can submit when reporting. It would be nice to have those features but would rather not have them here. It will help us to be more mindful also of what we're sharing to the community. Reply

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