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  27 days ago

Have you tried teaching your pet cat to always use the comfort room whenever it would poop or urinate?

This may sound crazy but did you know that I had taught our house cat pet to use our comfort room every time it would poop or simply urinate by itself. It's just an ordinary local cat you would always find on the streets and nothing unusual about it's pooping and urinating habits. Except that this one was only taught to use the comfort room for just one night. And the funny thing was that we could see it's poop shot into the toilet bowl and all we had to do was just to flush it down. Another nice thing about this cat was that it learned how to always drink water to prevent it from dehydrating. Most cats emit a nasty foul odor every time it leaves behind it's droppings. Probably because they seldom drink lots of water and are oftentimes so resistive to even be splashed with water. This is one reason why cats are seldom bathe by their owners. Unlike dogs who won't even bother if you bathe them twice or more daily.

Getting back to our friendly and responsible cat, we had actually allowed it to freely loiter around the house as most pets often do. However, it was really a pain in the neck if it would just drop it's poops everywhere it wanted. Besides this, the smell of it's urine was so terrible and indistinct that we had to always wash the premises with lysol and soap. It would take a couple of days just to simply remove the pungent odor coming from it's pee. And by the way, we didn't use cat litter bins as this was just those "askal" types of kitties we just adopted that we had found on the streets.. haha.. :D.

So one day after getting fed up on always tending those scattered poops around, I've decided to totally lock the cat inside the comfort room for one night. Morning came and we assumed that there'll be lots of the cat's litter all around the tiled comfort room. But we were so surprised to see that it had made use of the toilet bowl all night long without any traces of that foul odor again. From then on we could always see the cat pooping on top of the bowl. My next project would be to teach it how to use the toilet paper and manually flush the toilet.. hahaha.. :D.

If you had a cat like mine who would always pee and poop everywhere without even asking your permission, why not try this technique of teaching them. You'll never know, your pet could even do much better. Thanks for sharing your comments here people.

Photo not mine: ctto


  25 days ago
no we didn't teach our cat but she's smart enough to learned by herself Reply


  25 days ago
No Reply


  26 days ago
no i did not teach but based from what i've observed from animals be it dog or cat, they learned to poo or pee in our comfort room . Funny but true Reply


  27 days ago
That's impressive :) Reply


  27 days ago
Wow, you have a smart cat! Reply


  27 days ago
When we still have cat in our house, we have a litter bin outside our gate for the cat. You're right, its urine and poop are very stinky. So we would always bring the cat to the litter outside and push its buttocks to the sand pretending to poop or pee until later on, we noticed that the cat would scratch our door when closed and once the door was opened it would go directly to the litter. However, my children and husband prefer dog for a pet so when our cat died, we never adopted a new one. Reply


  27 days ago
Your cat is so smart. My cats poop outside. But there was a time yun isa kong pusa nagiging ulyanin minsan napopoop siya sa loob so what I did is tinali ko siya sa labas para maalala nya uli kung san siya magpoop. And ayun masasanay na ulit siya sa labas. Hehee Reply


  27 days ago
Oh. The cat really learned to do it by itself. That's so nice. :) Reply


  27 days ago
Great one, discipline is really one of the most essential and effective way of putting all things in place and in orderly manner. Reply

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