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  1 month ago

Could you imagine a world without plastic?

A California company named Newlight Technologies has developed a material called Aircarbon. Their goal with creating this material was to create something that would help climate change and to replace the more commonly-used plastic. The CEO of Newlight Technologies, Mark Herrema, said "We call that AirCarbon because it's air and carbon dissolved in water. We have this pure white powder that we can then melt and form in all kinds of parts and pieces."

Perfecting this new idea took over a decade because they wanted the new material to act like plastic. To create Aircarbon, they used microorganisms that were found in the ocean that consume two greenhouse gases - methane and carbon dioxide. After the microorganisms consume the gases, they turn the gasses into a natural polymer which then makes it act like plastic as it can be shaped too. It is not only great for helping climate change, but it is better for the environment because it's biodegradable and carbon negative.

Aircarbon is working with some brands, too. One is a food-ware company called Restore that sells biodegradable straws and cutlery. The other is a fashion company called Covalent which sells purses, wallets, and sunglasses. In one location, the company makes a lot of products every year to eliminate around 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide every year. The CEO’s newest goal is to open more facilities so that billions of pounds can be eliminated. Aircarbon costs for a cutlery set is $6.99 and for a handbag its $520. Both prices are a higher cost than other products which might make it less desirable.

However, if they can produce the material faster and open more facilities, the prices could go down. The CEO said "If you really want to have a massive impact on the environment, you have to focus on performance and you have to focus on price and you have to focus on scalability. Otherwise, it's just a good idea, and that's not good enough."

Do you think Aircarbon could replace plastic? Would you buy Aircarbon products knowing its more expensive but better for the environment?

Would you only buy Aircarbon products if it was a lower price?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  30 days ago
What a wonderful world would it be plastic free.... but that is not possible. One should try and develop a bio degradable plastic, but with reasonable / same cost to society


  1 month ago
HOW much better though. Sometimes in our effort to stop using one thing we cause more damage creating something to replace it . We need a a new approach to things altogether.


  1 month ago


  1 month ago
Yes seems like it could work, but with lower prices


  1 month ago
Yes, Aircarbon could definitely replace plastic and seems like a good alternative. I would probably only buy it once the price starts going down, but that would also depend on much higher the price will be and if I can afford it at the time. I would only buy Aircarbon products if it was at a lower price.


  1 month ago
The company "Newlight"can start with a new revolutions in the thinking of plastic and plastic bags and containers.
Yes,I would only bay aire carbon products if the price is lower.
According what is claimed,aire carbon is environmentally friendly and and not harmful to nature at all.The constituents that make up carbon(CH4)air and a combination of air carbon that is soluble in water.When it is melted,the gases change to natural polymer that look like plastic.
The molten plastics products comb can shape to any pattern in which it is processed.This project is part of modern technology and create a greener and healthier environmental..


  1 month ago
excellent, i hate plastic


  1 month ago
When plastic was launched, it was a revolutionary product and it has changed the way in which the world functions. However, we have also not used this product responsibly and the impact is now devastatingly apparent in the damage to our environment, marine life and tons of litter spread across countrysides and in landfills.
While the new technology is going to be more expensive at this point in its development and production, it will come down in line with the basic principles of supply and demand and economies of scale. There is a dire need to strive towards a world without plastic (or one with substantially less plastic as a minimum) and an initiative such as this one must be welcomed. Congratulations Aircarbon.

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