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  1 month ago

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST -in the corporate world

The corporate world has always been compared to a jungle, with all its ferocious animals, just waiting to jump on you.

I once worked in a company overseas, where they had this unspoken rule, " Survival of the Fittest".

If you do not know how to stand your ground, they (other employees that are of other races) would crush your bones and eat you alive, just like the Leopard did to its prey in the photo below.

Fortunately, I came in ready. I knew my skills, I knew my worth, and my faith was intact.

British naturalist Charles Darwin, once suggested that organisms best adjusted to their environment are the most successful in surviving and reproducing.

That's where Filipinos are best in: adjusting, adapting to the environment, surviving, and thriving.

So when the other races came pounding on me, I fought back and pounded on them even harder. I had to let them know, and realize that Filipinos aren't dumb, stupid or weak.

"Kelangang itayo ang ating bandera" I kept on telling that to myself, because had I allowed them to step on me and treat me like a rug, they would've kept on doing it for the duration of my contract. And I just couldn't let that happen.

There was once this Egyptian employee in our company who had this mindset that their race is far more superior than us Filipinos. He acted like he knew everything. And he treated Filipinos like dirt. I was assigned to train him as my replacement, but he was too arrogant to even listen to my instructions. So I let him be.

He boasted that he knew how to run our Digital Printer without any help from me. The boss asked him to print something, which he did, and it came out very wrong. The boss was very furious, even called my attention. I told him I wanted to help, but he didn't want me to, so.

The next time this Egyptian approached me, he was already humble enough to cooperate. I was still annoyed at his ways, but if I refused to train him, I wouldn't be able to go home, which left me no choice :)

This left a mark on them Egyptians -that Filipinos are skilled, smart and not inferior in anyway. That we are educated, and to be treated with respect.

Prior to that, the boss himself used to treat me the same way also -like dirt. He used to have this mindset that all Filipinos are "Hamar", Arabic for donkey, which again translates to dumb or stupid.

He became boss just because he knew the Arabic language like the palm of his hand. But that was it, no degree, not even Managerial skills, (hence, you can decipher that from his manners), while I had a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, with years of skills in Graphic Design. And yet he had the nerve to call me Hamar anytime he pleases.

He thought that just because I knew nothing about digital printers, I wouldn't be able to learn, and manage it's production processes. I told him, give me 2 months.

After which, I was not only able to run it, but manage it's production independently, even did troubleshooting, fixed minor repairs, and trained co-workers.

Having done all that, I earned his respect, he began trusting my judgment, and I showed him what we are capable of.

I know that wasn't the first and the last, but for every Filipino who stands for his principles, and refuse to be bullied, another race is confounded. And the more they would treat us with respect.

Charles Darwin once said: "it's not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change."

That's how survival of the fittest works, you respond to change, get adjusted, and show them what you're really made of.

How about you, have you had similar experiences on being bullied?

SOURCE: Wikipedia
PHOTO - CTTO: Shutterstock


  1 month ago
Why is it that whenever I came up with a good content, nobody wants to comment? But it's fine, I already got my points for this one, hehehe. Oh, I forgot, everybody's busy throwing their Thank You posts at Toluna right now. That's why. :) Reply

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