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  1 month ago


Earlier this year I tried planting vegetables. I had a small ampalaya plant, sayote, kalamansi& pepper seedlings. So unfortunate that when I got sick, it was left unattended, eventually died.

One morning while having a sip of coffee, chatting with my sister, she encouraged me to go into ornamental gardening. Beautifying the surroundings while helping the environment. Taking good care of plants "living things" like pets. From where I live, dogs are not allowed.

A symbiotic relationship between man and plant is established as both benefits from each other. An exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Breathing clean air and an inexpensive mental therapy at times I feel stressed.

Plantito as others call it, not into a fad thing, I'm more into caring for my "pets" as a plant "living thing" deserves proper nurturing. Proud to say that with the help of the suggestions of my siblings, I was able to revive the plants which were nearly dying.

Here's my mini garden. It used to be empty, kalbo as my neighbor said. Anyway, most of the plants I have were just given by neighbors, I just learned how to propagate them. Also, a month ago, through Toluna rewards, I bought some baby plants to take good care of and maybe share some cuttings in the future (if anyone wants...).

What is your favorite plant?


  25 days ago
Thank you. I've started germinating some veggies, hoping for the best, not giving up on vegetable gardening. Will apply the tips i've read from the posts of co-Tolunians. =) Reply


  30 days ago
I'm so happy and proud of you being a plantito. I have a small garden infront and back. I have different plants and vegetable too. I have okra, tomatoes and pechay. Thumbs up for us! Reply


  1 month ago
Hooby rin po ng Mama ko yan, urban gardening Reply


  1 month ago
Thanks for your entry! Reply


  1 month ago
Nice naman po. I like the chichirika, the one with pink violet flowers on your garden. I have a plant like that before pero nagtampo dahil pinipitas ng mga bata ung bulaklak niya. Reply

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