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  1 month ago

What works best for your plants when it comes to propagating them?

Propagation is one of the best part of having plants because we can have more plants with whatever methods our plants can grow. When choosing or buying plants, I usually ask how it grows, can it stay indoor and outdoor and more importantly, how can I propagate them in time.

When I was student I learned that there are a lot of ways to propagate plants depending on what kind of plants they are and now I personally experienced some of those ways with my plants and other plants that I got from my family, friends and neighbors.

*Cuttings - with this method the stem cutting is the most popular one but later learned that I can do it with other leafy plants I have. Some needs sharp tools to cut the stems and leaves while with others, we can just use our bare hands. I do have plants here that I cut and put it directly to soil, easy as 1, 2 , 3 and I like how not sensitive it is coz it just grows up pretty well. I also have aloevera and this one needs a clean and sharp tool when being cut, I just let the edge dry out before planting it.

*Dividing - this method is quite very useful if you like to propagate like a lot of your plants. It can be combined with the cutting method too, take for instance with the aloevera, after cutting healthy leaves, I divide it by cutting it again. Same goes with ginger that have a lot of eyes and pothos with many nodes.

*Separating - I recently did this one with the Lawiswis kawayan plant. It has a tiny peanut-like tubers attached on its roots, so separating and multiplying them is just easy with the help of those. I also separate my aloevera when they're too crowded already.

*Seeding - Some other plants can be propagated with seeds that they possess on their flowers and fruits. My mother in law had some elegant zinnias and told me that she will share some of its seeds when the right time comes, yes, it takes time before planting the seeds for another healthy and beautiful plants to grow. But for some, like tomatoes, they still grow whether they're planted right away or after few days, it's just the maintaining part which is challenging for me.

I also practice both water and soil propagation with the pothos that I got from our neighbor's plant. I soaked the cuttings on a glass of water and let the roots grow a little more before transferring them to a pot of soil. I also do it with garlic cloves and onions for a faster sprouting. Propagating our plants is so nice, moreover when we see them growing up. It inspires me to have more plants around the house as well.

How about you?

Photo shows the plants that I propagated recently :)


  1 month ago
I use the "cuttings" method. Propagated Crown of Thorns plant, ZZ plant, Madagascar periwinkle.
Bought a few Mayana and banana croton plants to propagate in the future, baby pa eh...
I also tried the seedling method for ampalaya, peppers, kalamansi but napabayan when I got sick eh...eventually, died. Anyway, planning to try vegetable gardening, again. This time I'll use the Bokashi method of fermenting waste, turning it into fertilizer for plants. Thanks to eatee2017 for sharing...

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