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  1 month ago


Dear Mom,
I know I tell you a lot how much I appreciate you, but today I wanted to put those thoughts in writing.

We have been through so much together - my three surgeries on my neck, being told over and over again that I have a condition that could turn to cancer and so many heartbreaks that it is amazing I got through any of it, but I did get through it all. The thing is I wouldn't have been able to get through any of it without your love and support.

You sang to me through the surgeries, I'll never forget how you explained that very first one. You hugged me through the heartbreaks, reassuring me that he wasn't worth my time. And you cried with me through cancer scares.

There were good times, too. Like my prom and my first job. The thing is, Mom, you were with me through it all and even though I thanked you at the time I wanted to thank you again. I couldn't have gotten through any of it without your love and support.

So...thank you Mom for all you've done for me and for all the times you've been there for me making my life better every single day.

I love you Mom!

God bless you always,


  1 month ago
Your mom is a beautiful soul, and you're blessed to have each other. Reply


  1 month ago
Very nice tribute Chele! I sensed your mom was very kind and thoughtful and now I believe it more then ever! Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story with us. Reply


  1 month ago
Sounds like your mother is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your letter!! Reply


  1 month ago
Your mom has done a good job raising a wonderful daughter, so glad you still have each other. Reply


  1 month ago
Darn it Chele!
You're making me teary eyed.
My mom was by my side through the three months in the hospital from my fall and a year later through all the Chemo and radiation from rectal cancer. Staying with her and being fed and cared for.
Sadly as you know. She is now in the nursing home with dementia.
Thanks for your post and my healthy cry.
Appreciate every moment.


  1 month ago
AWWW....Chele, you made tears come to my eyes! Ok...this is weird, have you been spying on me? Have you somehow hacked in to my medical background? I had surgery on C-6 C-7 I have a fusion! Plus, I had a "female" cancer scare twice - once when I was around 22 and once when I was about 27.....ARE YOU SOMEHOW MY SISTER FOR REAL???? Reply


  1 month ago
Sweet expression of how you feel about your Mom Reply

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