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  2 months ago

How did you learn English?

English language has become the norm whenever two people from different countries talk to each other, it is also being taught in schools either public or private but of course not all students especially younger ones have enough length of attention and easily get either distracted or bored during sessions.

Since I grew up in a family that my parents aren't fluent in English but my older siblings are, its quite challenging for them to teach me especially they're working as well when I was younger, instead they used different approach and mediums compare to most schools use.
● With the use of English cartoons.
When I was a kid there were cartoons that remained in English such as Dora, Rugrats, Scooby Doo, The wild thornberrys, some Justice League and Strawberry shortcake. With its colorful and eye catching animation it got me hooked, learning to copy or imitate how they pronounce English words.
● With the use of English comics.
To be clear, story book might work as well but my older siblings are more fond with comics and we don't have story books around the house at that time. I observe that books with full of text with little to no pictures aren't for me and I learned to read English more through comics as it also depicts the action more elaborate than most textbook does with its illustration every panel.
● With the use of English games.
Another way I learn English is through the use of video games, with this I learn how to play by the rules and instructions. Also there were educational games in our desktop that is both addictive and learning such as typing game which helped me in spelling and word game that enhanced my anagram skills!
● With the use of Anime.
Of course Anime is part of my childhood, by watching Anime it made my reading speed a lot better as viewers need to catch up with subtitles to understand the show.

When I was a kid I think I'm dumb but while I was typing this topic I realized maybe I learnt in a different way, maybe kids who doesn't understand lessons right away at school weren't dumb as I thought I was when I was younger, maybe they'll learn through different approach because I believe every one can learn.

Photo not mine, ctto.


  2 months ago
English became an international language since it's the only one we can use to communicate with people from other countries however, fluency on it can't be a basis on one's excellency and i learned it in the school where in we must speak in talagog or in english once we are in the school premises plus when i went abroad... ms anemone, your englishe is perfect hehhe. ur siblings and parents i guess were so proud of you.. Reply

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