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  2 months ago

Organic Face Masks

Have you heard of the recent news about the new organic masks? Yes, these masks are made from plants that's why it is environment-friendly.

I was delightened as I encountered a news about face masks made out of the fiber of abaca. Finally, there's a solution to the increasing garbages of the surgical face masks amidst this pandemic. Unlike the previous masks, these kinds will already be decomposted after two months. So some people's negligence in proper mask disposal isn't worrisome anymore.

You might wonder, will the these organic masks will be as effecive as the previous masks? Based on what I have read, yes because there's a possibility that the available masks and medical gowns can be all replaced by those which are made of abaca's fiber. Moreover, it was also found out that this material is more water resistant than the N95 face mask. Great!

One problem with this organic mask is the cost. It is more expensive to produce these kind of masks due to more intensive processes than those of plastics. However, some countries are still pushing for the plant fiber. According to a source, countries like China, India and Vietnam have placed new orders for this product in our country. By the way, our country is one of the mass producers of the abacas that is why.

Another possible problem I considered was, will the organic masks will be as comfortable to use as the previous ones? Will they be smooth and breathable or itchy and rough? According to what I have read, masks made from organic products are comfortable and versatile. Moreover, wearers using this are less prone to rashes, itching and allergies unlike those which are made from synthetics.

If these masks will be available in your area? Will you buy? As for me, yes as long as they aren't much expensive as the surgical masks. And I would really love to because it supports Mother Nature. How about you? Kindly leave your comments down below.

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  2 months ago
I think this is a great news. The masks are eco-friendly and will lessen our garbage problems however, if these masks will be sold at a high cost, not everyone can afford them. So I hope the manufacture of these will be backed by the government so the production cost and selling price will be lessened. Reply


  2 months ago
The product is great and will be a big help to our evironment. But the problem is the cost and comfort. Reply


  2 months ago
The only worry I have for this is the abaca trees, I hope the company or whoever sells this acquire abaca fibers in ethical way and not over "mine" the fibers. Reply


  2 months ago
Yea i heard it in Local TV news (TV patrol bikol)... Reply


  2 months ago
I've never heard if this before. Thanks for giving me an insight about this. Regardless of the price, I think it is still worth to buy these kind of products to support local workers and of course, its effectiveness should also take into consideration. Reply

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