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  2 months ago

A Storm to Remember

Based on my calendar and from all the inspirational and positivity quotes I see on social media, I can tell that it is indeed August already.
August came around way too fast, isn't it?

August is a rainy or rather a stormy month. Some of the most devastating storms occurred in August.

I know how hard it is when a terrible storm hits your place.
I was still living with my parents at that time and our house hasn't been renovated yet.
Floodwater entered the house so my parents and I had to spend the whole night on top of the chairs. We stayed on the elevated part of the house. I step on two plastic chairs when I need to move around and check outside. It's surprising yet alarming to see boats on the highway instead of land vehicles.
The whooshing sound, whipping winds and its destructive blows to the trees, to the sound of the banging roof that seems like it will lift off at any minute, the heavy downpours, and all the other terrifying sounds make it impossible to get some sleep.
Adding up to the trouble is the fear that there are snakes lurking in the muddy floodwater.

In the aftermath of the storm and when the floods receded, there were fallen trees, damaged possessions, and thick mud. There are pieces of wooden furniture that can't be salvaged due to the mud that seeped in the material. People left their muddy couches and mattresses on the streets to be picked up by dump trucks.
Water supply has been cut off, adding up to the plight of the people.
Since there is no access to clean water, it's impossible to get started with cleaning. To be able to take a bath or get water to wash the dishes, the residents need to go to the nearby town.
Luckily, my boyfriend (now husband) came to the rescue. His municipality was not affected so he was able to bring the galloons of clean water that my family used until the water supply was back.

Have you experienced flooding in your place?
Do you have any unforgettable storm-related experience?

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  2 months ago
You're all talking about typhoons, but what about the approaching asteroid that according to NASA, there's a chance of hitting earth comes November 2020. Would it be more scarier than those typhoons that we're far more familiar with? How about this asteroid thing that has a chance to hit earth soon this year? Would you all be more worried and pray for survival? If this asteroid is huge enough to bring a worldwide disaster, we would have a slim chance of survival, then a possibility of human extinction comes in a snap of fingers just how the dinosaurs got wiped out long years ago. So heads up, it is indeed necessary to prepare for this before everything's too late. Thank you and you're welcome. Reply


  2 months ago
I will never forget typhoon cosme in 2008, my grandma's house was destroyed by the typhoon and toppled trees and electric post in our province causing black our for more than a month Reply


  2 months ago
Yes madam. I was there when Sendong devastated Cagayan de Oro City way back Dec 15, 2011. Ang masaklap pa, past midnight talaga nag overflow yong Cagayan de Oro River which caused flash flood in our city. Buti nlang nasa elevated part kami nakarent that time. Ang raming patay kinabukasan and wala ring tubig. It took almost a month rin tsaka bumalik yong connection ng tubig. Nakakatrauma din yon. Reply

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