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  3 months ago

Plants that absorb radiation and electromagnetic radiation

During the lockdown, people stay inside and spend most of their time either in their laptops, desktops or cellphones. Furthermore, more Conversely, the downside of these gadgets is that they emit radiation. Too much exposure to radiation is dangerous to our health.

Did you know that by placing plants near these gadgets including router can absorb the radiation? Studies have shown that certain plants can actively absorb radiation from the environment. Some of these plants are cactus, succulent flowers, snake plant, spider plant, betel leaf, stone lotus flower, asparagus fern, aloevera, and sunflower.

I have known this years ago when one of my customers advised me to place a plant near my computer to reduce stress and radiation emitted by computers. Since I was in front of the computer almost 12 hours a day, I felt that my skin was so stress, and dry. I put up a fortune plant near it. Days passed and I noticed that the leaves of the plant started to yellow and wilt, despite the fact that it was watered everyday and the sun enters the window that gave light to the plant.
One of my neighbor had lots of stone lotus flower and she gave me a pot of it to put beside my computer since according to her, cactus and other succulent flowers absorb fast the radiation. I find it easier to maintain than other plants because succulent flowers need little care. I also put another small pot near the internet router since it emits more radiation.

Do you also have flowers and plants inside the house? It has many benefits.

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  3 months ago
I actually knew that years ago, and I believed it also. But I never even considered trying it. I do have Cacti at home. I might try that one of these days. Thanks :)


  3 months ago
I also started putting plants inside our house. I have 4 snake plants scattered in our house, and I have noticed that they indeed help improve the air quality. There is less 'kulob" feel in our house. And they make our house look prettier, too. ♥️

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