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  4 months ago


Every new generation, blames the one before...true, right?

My parents both came from a prominent family. But the consequences and pressures of an early marriage pushed them to certain limits.

My father is the intellectual, but stubborn type. His pride did consume him and brought long term effects on our family, because he always had it his way, even if it was already obvious that his decisions only brought jeopardy to our welfare.

While most fathers would go fishing with their kids, help them fix their toys, or teach them to do stuff, like creating a Slingshot or riding a bike, my father was mostly, somewhere else, doing something else. His main excuse: work.

For that, I grew up hating him. Which makes it quite unusual for me to be writing something for my father on Father's Day.

As I got older, I began to see what my father had to go through, and the sacrifices he did for us. That though he would've wanted to spend time with us, and be the Daddy figure we needed, he had to choose work in order for us to survive. Those are lost times he never would be experiencing with us. Painful, but he had to endure it, for our future, which is now.

Now my father is old and grey. When I look at him, I could see how much of me is turning into him. I have inherited his intelligence, his wisdom, resilience, his survival instincts, creativity, and love for the Arts. Come to think of it, the blueprint of my character is patterned after his. All of these I owe to my father, and I will forever be grateful to him.

We could still make up for lost times, here, now, and even in the next life. Yes, I believe that our fathers, will still be our fathers in the next life, because families are meant to be for "time and eternity", not just in this life time.

So cheers to all of you fathers out there! Your sons are proud of you, even if they don't show it all the time :)


  4 months ago
Good thing he has a good son or daughter like you. The fact you're able to see through your father's action and sacrifice, that means you're a considerate person. You're not a shallow one.


  4 months ago
Happy fathers day to all sacrificing fathers


  4 months ago
My salute to you


  4 months ago
Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you. This is the only commandment of the Lord that has promise in His 10 commandments. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads!


  4 months ago
Nice to know that after all you have realized the truth on the hardship of being a father. I am also a father. I have my regular job, studied to finish college and got another night sideline. These are what is eating my time while my children are growing. But still , I find time to be with them in their studies. I also agree with you. Lost time or moments can still be recovered. Cherish while you are together and make up for those lost time. God bless and Happy Father;s day to your Dad!


  4 months ago
Happy Father's Day to all Father!


  4 months ago
Show that you are proud of him as long as he can still see it.
I grew up without my father too because he's working afar. But I understand him as I grew up.
Happy father's day to your dad.


  4 months ago

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