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  4 months ago

Does the closure of ABS CBN violate press freedom?

ABS CBN went off the air on May 5 after NTC issued a cease and desist order against it. It is not an unprecedented event in the Philippine media history. In 1972, the network's operation was suspended by martial law under the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos. Is the network really in the wrong? Did the president order the shutdown of the network himself? Is it the start of the death of freedom of speech? It's already more than a month since its closure but there are still many questions yet to be answered.

I'm not politically savvy, so I'm putting here early on my disclosure. My opinions may be wrong, you may not believe it as well but I expect everyone to express their opinions nicely.

Here are my points on why the closure of the network is not against press freedom.

1. ABS CBN is not the only network in the country. Closure of one doesn't necessarily mean that press freedom is halted.
2. ABS CBN can still use other mediums like the internet. The network is still publishing news and other articles at its website
3. ABS CBN first violated press freedom by choosing or filtering the news they broadcast. During the last presidential campaign which led to the election of Duterte, the network allegedly did not broadcast the campaign ads of the now-president. The president also claims that the network spread "fake news" about him. It is yet to be proven and everyone should give the network the benefit of the doubt.
4. ABS CBN is known for being biased. Remember when Karen Davila grilled Manny Pacquiao for not having a college degree? It was a painful interview to watch. Her line of questioning seemed to make a fool out of the boxing champ. It's just one example it may, or may not, represent the network but this is cannot pass up as an intellectual tête-à-tête.

Let me know your opinions by commenting below.


  4 months ago
Not really because they can still broadcast through the use of social media and other channel in television.


  4 months ago
Not really because it is clear that they have violations which are the reasons why they were issued closure order.


  4 months ago
I fully agree on all your opinions about ABS-CBN. As I explained before in a similar topic, ABS-CBN is still a business just like any other network. They have to protect their business interests but it does not mean they represent press freedom. When ABS-CBN closed, was I not able to express my thoughts? Does this closure shut the mouth of other citizens in saying anything that they wanted to express? Of course not. As everyone else here knew, ABS-CBN is still operational and they are free to express their opinions. Even the likes of Renato Reyes are free to throw bad words against the administration in front of television, social media and news articles in newspaper despite the fact the ABS-CBN is still "closed". So, press freedom in this country is still very intact.


  4 months ago
There is no such thing as unbiased news.


  4 months ago
Pls elaborate on the fake news about Pres. Duterte. I don’t recall any fake news. They said that he killed the drug addicts and drug pushers but the Du30 admitted killing them. What other fake news did they broadcast?

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