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  13 months ago

Do you consider checking of bags at an establishment's entrances an inconvenience?

Every year tens of millions of people shop at malls. With all that traffic and incidence happening at shopping centers around the globe, shopping malls are stepping up their security measures.

ID checks, undercover behavior detection officers, hundreds of surveillance cameras on both interior and exterior properties with monitoring capabilities and bomb sniffing dogs
are just some of the securities mall owners raised to counter threats. Measures to ensure the safety of shoppers.

However, one of these measures is quite not making some shoppers happy lol. Some aren't comfortable having to submit their bags for checking. Many complain that security guards who does check and frisk their bags are not even looking at the bags when they poke their things inside it. Haha! I know, coz I have seen too many occasions where some guards would just touch and feel the things inside my bag as if their hands have xray capabilities!

Perhaps many do not like to submit willingly. I am used to it and practically don't mind it anymore. The additional measure would still make me feel safer when visiting the malls even when those security guards at the entrance doors would just prod the top of my bag with their stick with no idea what's at the bottom of my bag!


  13 months ago
Nope, I think its a good thing, however sometimes I noticed that some don't really checked the bags well xD


  13 months ago
No. For me, it's okay to have my bag checked by security, to avoid any unfortunate events. I'm used to it, kaya papalapit pa lang ako sa security guard naka open na yung bag ko, ready na para e check:-)


  13 months ago
no for security


  13 months ago


  13 months ago
It's totally fine with me. It's for everyone's safety so we shouldn't be annoyed by it. Kaloka lang yun parang may metal detector yung stick nila, haha!


  13 months ago
There's only one mall that I usually visit and so far the guards there thoroughly check everyone's bags most of time. I don't find it inconvenient since it's for our safety. Mas naiinis nga ako pag nakikita ko yong ibang guards sa malls na they're not thoroughly checking the bags..


  13 months ago
Most of the time, guards are careful and do their job properly so it is not an inconvenience. One thing that annoys me is when they are not looking on what they are checking at, as you said as if their hands have xray capabilities. hihi.
Or maybe they have that training where they can just poke anything without looking but can still identify illegal items. Or simply laziness or tiredness as they do not qlwant to be thorough which defeats the purpose of heightened security measures

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