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  8 months ago

What's inside your wallet?

Aside from our phones, (who doesn't have a phone these days anyway?) and our keys, our wallet is one of our most important possessions.

My bag is full to the brim with the essentials and knick-knacks. But my wallet..well, surprise surprise! It's a bit bulky, too! Haha!

So, what's inside my wallet? Aside from money, IDs and bank cards, loyalty/membership cards, I also got some photos of my daughter and my hubby. I also have some meds and small blank sheets of paper for when I need to jot down something. I used to have a card knife, hair clips, safety pins, and a tiny nail clipper in there but I've read from somewhere that for good luck, it's better if you do not put anything sharp or pointed in your wallet. (My wallet is a lethal weapon, haha!)

For others, their phones are more important than their wallets and they can leave the house without their wallets. They just put their money in their pockets or bags. Some can't leave without their wallets because of their IDs and cards. For me, I have an everyday bag that's strategically placed in our room aka behind the door so I could easily grab it when I need to leave. My wallet stays in there so I just need to drop my phone in there then I'm good to go.

Pardon me for being nosy but
Do you always have your wallet with you?

What are the things inside your wallet?

(The photo is mine, hehe)


  8 months ago
Anything of necessity that could fit on it whenever you need them.


  8 months ago
I have wallets but im not fond of carrying one whenever i go out, they usually stay in my closet to keep my not so important cards.


  8 months ago
This post reminded me that it has been more than 3 years now since I last owned a wallet. I usually just carry around my coin purse (which can also fit bills when needed) and card holder.


  8 months ago
Before, I always carry my wallet wherever I go, I put it inside my bag. My IDs are inside my wallet, advantage card, ID picture, credit and debit cards, health card, cedula and small sign pen. But since I lost one of my wallets, I no longer put my important IDs in my wallet.


  8 months ago


  8 months ago
My wallet is full of stuff as well Mamajey. I have some money, ID pictures and individual and family pictures of my family and I. I also have important receipts and medicine prescriptions haha. I used to put tweezers there before but I stopped doing it after the US embassy personnel reprimanded me haha.


  8 months ago
I don't always bring my wallet, only when I have to use necessary items(id, cards, big cash) inside it or when we go out of town. Coin purse is my favorite to bring everywhere because it's smaller and can fit to my pocket or small bag that I bring.


  8 months ago
Some fiat money... hahaha... :D Usually just enough for the day's use. Yun lang. :D


  8 months ago
I'm usually organize on my things. I like to separate them according to purpose and use. So, my wallet only contains cash. My purse contains coins. My cardholder contains cards like ID's, etc.

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