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  10 months ago

2019 Horror Story Competition: The Boarding House

I had just graduated from college and was preparing for the board exam. My friend and I rented a room in a boarding house somewhere in España. It was a really old and ill-maintained two-storey house but because our budget was very tight, we settled for what was available. The house had only three bedrooms – one on the ground floor and two on the second floor. My friend and I occupied one of the bedrooms on the second level. Each of the other rooms were occupied by a single tenant and both were also reviewing for board exams.

Then came the All Saints’ Day long weekend. The other two tenants decided to come home to their respective families while my friend and I could not afford to do the same since the board exam that year was only a few days away. One night, we were answering test questions when we heard heavy footsteps. It seemed more than two sets of feet noisily running around. Problem was, those sets of feet were running NOT on the wooden floor but ON THE CEILING of the ground floor. We were so scared that we didn’t need to confirm with one another that we were both thinking there were creatures running upside down below. We immediately jumped to bed and under the blankets. It continued for hours until early morning.

When both the other tenants came back from vacation, I asked if we could eat out instead of having lunch inside the boarding house. While eating, I inquired if they were experiencing supernatural things in the boarding house. That was the first time they both shared their scary experiences. The girl on the ground floor said that every night, after past midnight, someone would knock on the door. On her first month of stay, she used to look out the window to check who was knocking. She started ignoring it when she realized it wasn’t a living person who was doing the it. The girl on the second floor, on the other hand, shared that the reason why the previous tenant of our room left was because she always saw people standing by the stairs – sometimes an old woman, sometimes a father with his child. Thankfully, we no longer had experiences scarier than the one we had for the remainder of our stay.

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  10 months ago
Waaaah, thats really creepy xD

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