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  10 months ago

2019 Horror Story Competition: Slumber Party

Have you ever experienced having a dream and not remember it immediately upon waking up?

The story I am about to share is of my office friend’s and happened when he was still a newbie at the company where he used to work prior to joining ours. He had only been part of the team for a month when their department went to an overnight summer team building activity. The room he got assigned in had two queen size beds and a single bed. Being the newest member of the team, he was not that close yet with his teammates so he went to take on the single bed. There were four other guys in the room with him.

Evening came and they all went to rest after a tiring day full of activities. When he woke up, he knew he had a bad dream the night before but just couldn’t remember what it was. It continued to bother him even during when he and his team were already at the breakfast table. He was having a small talk with one of his teammates who also shared the same room with him and then suddenly, this teammate’s facial expression became serious. My friend asked if there was something wrong. It took his teammate a few minutes before he finally said to my friend, “Did you sleep well last night?”

My friend somehow got weirded out by the question since they had already been talking for more than thirty minutes that time. “Yes, why?”, my friend answered. The response his teammate gave made him remember the bad dream he had.

“I was awaken last night by the sound of someone giggling. When I turned to your direction, I saw three unkempt children jumping on your bed but you seemed so deep in sleep you did not notice. I asked the kids if they were some staff member’s children but they were not answering. That was when I noticed they didn’t have faces. I think I passed out from so much fear.”

My friend then remembered how he was trying to get out of the bed but couldn’t. He said he was also trying to cry out for help but no sound was coming out of his mouth. It was the most frightening experience he had so far, he said.

Image credits: Flicker, wolfgangfoto,


  10 months ago
Waaaahhh xD

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