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  10 months ago


Since I was a kid, I always wonder how people are when they died. Is there really a life after death? Come to think of it, no one knows the answer. Even the most smartest person on earrh cannot answer that question. But, what if, reincarnation occurs. How will you handle that? Would yoube thankful that you have lived again? Or remorseful because you came back to the harsh worldly life?

IMAGINE, you were the most admired person on earth. Everything you want is granted. Every woman you desire comes to you. Every treasure you see is given to you. You go party all night. You spend your life being the wealthiest person alive. You get what your wants desire. Then, suddenly, you wake up. In an unknown place. Everything you have is gone. Everything you possessed are vanished. Then, you realized, you were in your reality. You are a poor man who is trying so hard to get a job. Living in an apartment few square meters small. You have no wealth at all. But, that dream you had does not feel a dream at all. You knew that it was real. It felt real. Yet, here you are, waking up in your reality.

You kept your life going and ignored that dream you had. Then you saw a fine young man who has two women curling their touch around his two hands. Suddenly, you have a vision of yourself with the same scenario but has a nice brand new car in front of you that awaits with a driver. It felt weird but feels so real. You got rejected again on your 100th job application. You got home with some penny left on your pocket and bought the cheapiest meal you could affort with those pennies. After your meal, you felt sleepy.

You were, again, in your mansion. Wearing those trendy clothes and the most expensive shoes every man could afford. You mistreated every housemaids you have because of their tacky clamsiness. You punched you driver because you saw your car has a small dirt. You talk so harshly to your employees at work. You cheat on every girlfriends you had and have. You were so happyand satisfied. Then, one day, you got attacked. Men were tourturing you and stabbed you on the chest. The knife was perfectly stabbed in your heart. You stopped breathing and heartbeat stops. It was a nightmare to you. You wake up in a very heavy feeling, then you looked at the mirror and realized that you have a birth mark on your chest. You felt goose bumps. You cried so hard because you know that it was real. You felt too guilty. You knew that the dream was real and realized how you lived that perfect life in a brutal way. Now, you are paying the price of your actions from your past life and suffering from being poor.

No matter how hard you work, you cannot escape from your own poverty. You are now being mistreated with most people you encounter. You knew now that all these things were happening because of what you did in your past life. It was a living nightmare. You live exactly in your nightmare and not just a mere dream anymore. YOU ARE BEING PUNISHED.

Now, how can you escape from your living nightmare? STOP YOUR IMAGINATION AND DO GOOD THINGS. If REINCARNATION is true, then we must live in a way that is worthy and truthful. They say that good things come to those who are good. Settle on your reality now and make it the most memorable and happiest past life for your future self.


*Photo credits to the rightful owner


  9 months ago
No, I think that when you die it’s either heaven or hell Reply


  9 months ago
I want to believe it Reply


  10 months ago
I don't believe in reincarnation but I don't discount the potentiality of it being real either. I often wonder about the same thing you do. I wonder what happens to someone's consciousness when he/she dies. Does it go to to either heaven or earth? Does it just wonder the earth and join the consciousness of other dead people? Does it enter a mother's womb and get born as another person (provided it forgets its previous life/lives once born as a new person). This has always been an interesting topic for me so thank you for sharing :) Reply


  10 months ago
Yes Reply


  10 months ago
No 'coz YOLO Reply


  10 months ago
not Reply


  10 months ago
Not really.its scary. Reply

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